Open Letter to the NBA: We Will Not Be Your Pawns

Matt King

TO: David Stern, Adam Silver, Owners of NBA Franchises;

Seattle is where 41 years happened. It's where an NBA Championship, Hall of Fame players, epic battles, and excruciating heartbreak happened. It's where families forging, children dreaming, and new friendships happened.

That is, until the NBA forced an early buyout of a binding arena lease with city subsidized financing happened.

On April 30th, 2013, Adam Silver is quoted as saying, "brand building and community support that continuity is important." This quote was in reference to denying the ownership bid of what David Stern calls, "a perfect prototype of an owner."

Now, a mere twenty-four hours after the NBA relocation committee voted to deny the relocation request submitted by the Maloof family on behalf of the Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer, and Nordstrom Seattle ownership group, rumors are being floated that the ownership group should pursue a list of teams from cities that are having trouble or have aging arenas.

Seattle will not be here next time. We will not be your pawns, only to be brought out to play by NBA leadership whenever need arises to jumpstart city action.

It's now or never.


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