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Sonics Guy's Resolutions

We're a year closer to getting a team back.

Word Art by Chris Meirose

Well it's the New Year and I'm sure you're slowly getting back into the swing of work in this short work week. Why couldn't ALL weeks start on "Hump Day"? Of course, if that were the case, Thursday would be the new Hump Day.

Well one thing the New Year brings is the thought that we are one year closer to getting our Sonics back. While at first this may seem cynical,  technically it's true. Every year that passes without us getting a team means we are a year closer to us getting a team. Isn't math fun?

Who would have thought we'd be in year six in this whole experience without our Sonics back? My money was on five years but you have to admit we were close last year.

The New Year often brings new resolutions so I'll tell you mine for the upcoming year:

1.) Maintain a positive attitude about us getting our Sonics back. (5 years running!)

2.)  Follow the NBA this season. (Can the East only have 3 winning teams?)

3.)  Give the New Commissioner a chance. (He's said expansion is on the table.)

4.)  Write at least once a week for SonicsRising. (Getting better.)

5.)  Stop making lists. (Oops!)

6.). Hit as many events as I can to deliver the Sonics message and let people know we need a team back.

Hopefully after this there will be very few New Years between now and us getting a team back. Happy New Year!