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NBA TV Deal Done Before Stern Leaves?

'Forbes Sports Money' speculates the TV deal will be done sooner than we thought.

What's his face.
What's his face.

According to a show called 'Forbes Sports Money' on the YES Network, there is a strong chance that the new NBA TV deal will be done by February. David Stern is retiring at the beginning of that month.

They reason that ESPN will want to get the deal done that soon to take advantage of an exclusive negotiating window.

The commentators speculate that the deal will be for at least $1.3 billion.

You can watch the video and read the companion article by clicking here.

Since the Kings situation was resolved, we've known two things need to happen before expansion would be discussed officially: David Stern must retire and the new TV deal must get done. Could be two birds with one stone.

So, good news? I think so, but we don't know how good.