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Sonics Bruising: Week Ten Roundup

The holidays are behind us. I thank God for that. This was a week where everyone was soft. Ugh. We give you Week Ten of the Sonics Bruising League.

Unacceptable activity. No hugs in our league. Just punches to the kidney.
Unacceptable activity. No hugs in our league. Just punches to the kidney.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

This was just a sad week in the SBL. It was the first week this season with no fines or suspensions. I don't know how our players got so far off their game, but this is simply unacceptable. We want blood. We want bruises. We want puncture wounds.

I blame myself for this. I failed you because you failed me.

On a positive note, the Paul Rogers team was FINALLY the top scoring team for the week. The flip side to that coin is it came one week too late to hand the Frozen Envelope their first loss.

And what's up with Team Catdawg? It seems Team Catdawg has gone from being undefeated to being mired in a two-game losing streak. Snap out of it guys.

That goes for everyone. I want to hear bones snapping and cartilage cracking.


Paul Rogers 1740, Manmade Seacows 1394.5
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
DeAndre Jordan (Roge) 59 rebs, 8 blks, 14 fouls 293.5
David Lee (Roge) 42 rebs, 98 SP 201.5
Jonas Valanciunas (Sea) 31 rebs, 16 fouls 221
The Frozen Envelope 1719, Andre + Jennette 1369.5
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Serge Ibaka (Froz) 29 rebs, 10 fouls, 56 SP 205.5
Paul Millsap (Froz 38 rebs, 62 SP 198.5
Kenneth Faried (Andre) 29 rebs, 52 SP 181.5
Da Double Techs 1648.5, Team Heaney 1395.5
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Anderson Varejao (Techs) 61 rebs, 13 fouls, 43 SP 271.5
Ed Davis (Techs) 28 rebs, 11 fouls, 46 SP 190.5
LaMarcus Aldridge (Hean) 51 rebs, 92 SP 253.5
Team Meirose 1615.5, Seattle Mike Baker 1121
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Jared Sullinger (Meirose) 40 rebs, 17 fouls, 35 SP 227.5
Carmelo Anthony (Meirose) 27 rebs, 10 fouls, 71 SP 183
Dwayne Wade (Baker) 21 rebs, 68 SP 149
Phil's Radio Team 1493.5, Team Catdawg 1484
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Anthony Davis (Phil) 35 rebounds, 73 SP 296.5
Kevin Love (Phil) 31 rebounds, 87 SP 176
Joakim Noah (Cat) 49 rebs, 10 blks, 12 fouls 266
Seattle Glove and Hate 1414.5, Bothell Beavers 1322.5
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Blake Griffin (Glove) 39 rebs, 13 fouls, 90 SP 215
DeMarcus Cousins (Glove) 30 rebs, 50 SP 175
Paul George (Both) 31 rebs, 14 fouls, 73 SP 209
Baltimore Bullets 1223.5, Primetime Sheed's 840
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Draymond Green (Balt) 19 rebs, 7 blks, 10 fouls 161.5
Nicolas Batum (Balt) 27 rebs, 11 fouls, 35 SP 157.5
Zach Randolph (Sheed) 54 rebs, 71 SP 225.5
Cobra Kai 1207, Sethley the Nephew 910
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Robin Lopez (Kai) 37 rebounds, 11 fouls, 35 SP 188.5
Stephen Curry (Kai) 15 fouls, 81 SP 185.5
Andrew Bogut (Seth) 34 rebs, 35 SP 170


No fines or suspensions this week



Xavier McDaniel Conference

Paul Silas Conference

Team Catdawg


The Frozen Envelope



Da Double Techs



Team Meirose


Paul Rogers


Phil's Radio Team

(Phil Naessens)


Andre + Jennette



Cobra Kai

(Kevin Nesgoda)


Bothell Beavers



Team Heaney



Sethley The Nephew


Seattle Glove and Hate

(Eric E)


Baltimore Bullets

(Barely Able)


Manmade Seacows


Seattle Mike Baker


Primetime Sheed's

(Primetime Mitch)



Taj Gibson vs Jarred Sullinger - Jan 3


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