Who would advertise on Sonics uniforms?

Seattle Sonics Trophy - Mike Baker

Another detail of the NBA's next TV and media deal with TNT and ESPN, this time it has to do with a logo patch on the front of the jerseys.

The idea isn't new to sports, or to basketball. The WNBA uniforms have as many as two logos.

Sports Business Daily has the particulars (again):

The effort to sell jersey ads gained traction in 2012 when the NBA was seriously pursuing a jersey ad agreement that ultimately was tabled, even though there was little objection among teams to the proposal of putting a 2.5-by-2.5-inch square corporate logo on the front of jerseys.

Sources familiar with the TV deals admit both networks pushed hard to be allowed to sell ads on team jerseys outright, but the league balked at handing over the potentially lucrative rights. Under the new TV deals, NBA teams maintain the rights to sell the jersey advertising, which has an estimated value ranging from around $800,000 for small-market teams like the Memphis Grizzlies to more than $10 million for large-market teams like the Los Angeles Lakers.

Specifics of the TV buy component have not been hammered out, but the level of spending required by a company sponsoring the jersey would depend on how much exposure the team has on national broadcasts.

"The conversations will start as soon as someone buys a jersey," said one network executive, discussing how the networks would be paid. "Until then, we don’t know exactly what it will look like."

Jersey ad revenue part of the mix - SportsBusiness Daily

I would suppose that the Seattle market would fetch $1 to $1.5 million dollars a year. But with the exit of Steve Ballmer from Chris Hansen's ownership group, what logo would end up on a Sonics uniform?

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