No Sonics Games on Tonight

Seattle Supersonics NBA Championship Trophy - Mike Baker

It really sucks to have another season start without the Sonics and us fans.

The window of interest is not infinite. I am concerned that broad interest, such that it is, could pass with the aging of the fans that followed the team, and rallied for its return. Rebuilding interest 3 or 4 years is not nearly as difficult as 8 or 10. The game becomes less familiar, and the ties less personal.

My personal hope is that the Bucks situation is resolved for them sooner, rather than later, so we can move forward.

The fact of the matter is that it is possible for Milwaukee to solve their public/private partnership, and they are on a tight timetable to do it. After that, sometime around next May, their public support will be known to them and the league.

At that point the burden to keep a reasonable amount of fan interest in Seattle having a team will begin to shift toward the league. It just will, because no matter how much I care, or you do, without the league reciprocating that interest the market will increasingly be more difficult to capitalize on.

That all said, the Bucks have an arena issue to solve, true, but there are other franchises that are simply not profitable.

The value of NBA franchises is inflating beyond some markets to afford them. It just doesn't make sense to put million dollar homes in every neighborhood, or billion dollar entertainment businesses in markets that currently have them.

to a great degree, the success of the NBA is to Seattle's advantage. But for now, we wait until a team shows up or we become tired of waiting.

thats on the NBA, not us fans.

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