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Throw Back Thursday for 11/20/14

The SonicsRising Staff dug into their archives to give you some some old reading material on this Thursday.

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In our effort to consistently entertain you, give you new fun things to read every day and give you a look into the past of the Sonics and even the site, well here is a new feature that we are going to test out and hopefully enjoy it.  You might have already read these on Facebook today, but if not here it is again and with a place to comment on these bad boys. Yep, we dug in the archives to grab you some old posts from almost ten years ago.


Wilkens the PG we've been searching for? - Sonics Rising

Again I simply have no time to write a bonafide article so I just pose the questions...

Jerome James is Gone! - Sonics Rising

James, who played the last four seasons in Seattle, agreed yesterday to a five-year deal...

The Case For Saer Sene - Sonics Rising

OK, here's the deal with Sene. According to Sonics brass this was largely Bob Hill's pick. After Sene's workouts Hill praised this rookie like I have heard few guys praised. They feel that Sene was...