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NHL Allows Vegas to Begin Season Ticket Drive

Expansion has not been approved, but Las Vegas will be allowed to do a season ticket drive to gauge community interest.

Edited by Matt Tucker

Bettman and Daley.
Bettman and Daley.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As we discuss Adam Silver's latest thoughts on NBA expansion at home or abroad, Gary Bettman sure has a funny way of not considering expansion for his league. At the NHL's Board of Governors meeting today, he announced that potential owners in Las Vegas will be allowed to conduct a season ticket drive, according to Chris Daniels.

I don't care what Bettman says about nothing being guaranteed. It's happening, folks. The reason it's happening is that the NHL wants to expand and because Las Vegas has an arena solution all ready to go for professional hockey.

Seattle needs to position itself to be the partner city. Hear that Seattle City Council, King County Council, Victor Coleman, and Chris Hansen?


Since Las Vegas is being allowed to conduct a season ticket drive to prove its worth as an NHL market, I wanted to point out some research by our own John Barr for, which shows Seattle's worth to the NHL. Check out the following articles.

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