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Green and Gold Monday - The Day After

Oskar's Kitchen

Green and Gold Monday has come and gone.  I would like to start by thanking everyone who came out.

We expected Shawn Kemp to attend, but he couldn't make it.  There were some local celebrities in the house; our own Sonics Guy and "Seattle Super Fan" Big Lo.  KOMO came out and did a story on us - including interviewing yours truly -although their message came across a little more pessimistic than the event was intended, including making it look like I was drowning my sorrows one pint at a time.  I assure you, the drinking was one of enjoyment, not of grief, though.  Oskar's was a fantastic host, their manager Zach was great, decked out in a green and gold "ROBBED" t-shirt.  Jaime was also fantastic, giving away a pair of Kemp's signature sneakers, the Reebok Kamikaze.

While I don't think it quite lived up to everything we had hoped for, I still consider it a rousing success.  It was great to have total strangers come up to you and begin to share stories about meeting Gus Williams or attending the 1979 Championship parade or simply being at the Key.  I heard from one guy who got punched right in the jaw by Elvin Hayes after the 1978 NBA Finals.  I talked to SonicsRising's own SonicsUberalles and PinkSheets.  Having a room full of strangers and everyone talking to everyone is what this  event is all about, and that's exactly what happened.  While we want to keep up the fight, show everyone we still have the desire for a new team, it's also great to just reminisce with your fellow fan.

There was a photographer there, although I'm not sure where the pictures are being posted.  I assure you that once we find them, we will share them here. His name is Stanton Prescott and you can find the pictures on his Facebook page.

I had a fantastic time, I hope everyone who attended did as well, and I can't wait to do it again.