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Are the Indiana Hoosiers Now on the Relocation Radar?

With the freak damage at Assembly Hall, are the Hoosiers now on the radar for relocation to Seattle?

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda

It's unclear if the cheerleaders would relocate too.
It's unclear if the cheerleaders would relocate too.
Andy Lyons

Early Monday a large piece of metal from the rafters of the famed Assembly Hall on the campus of the University of Indiana fell, crashing into the seats below. The damage to the arena caused the cancelation of the game between the Hoosiers and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The damage to Assembly Hall, and the fact that it's 42 years old, has left many to wonder what will happen next in this saga.

"I've talked to President McRobbie in some preliminary discussions and we've determined that we need a new building," stated Indiana University Athletic Director Fred Glass. "We obviously cannot have the place where we play basketball falling apart. We have some basketball decisions to make in the very near future."

Rumors have already begun to swirl about the future of the Hoosiers in Indiana. School President Michael McRobbie did say, "all options are on the table and everything is being discussed."

The city of Seattle, 2,241 miles west of Bloomington, has been in search of a pro basketball team since the Seattle Supersonics were stolen away from them and relocated to Oklahoma City during the summer of 2008. Though the Hoosiers are not a professional basketball team, the prospects of a real basketball team coming to the Seattle area has people excited.

"We'll take anything we can get right now. Seattle is a basketball-starved area. We failed to get the Kings up here last year and the Saskatchewan Snookies this past winter. Hopefully we can coax the Hoosiers to come to Seattle," stated excited Seattleite Ross Shembeckway-Curtis.

"We're a city, manly possessed to get a team back."

NCAA President Mark Emmert said it was too early for speculation on the situation. He went on to say that of the 350 other Division I basketball playing schools, 247 needed new arenas-so this might not be Seattle's last chance to get a team.

The NBA, however, had no comment.

Assistant Editor Chris Meirose wanted it to be known, "It's probably better to get the Hoosiers in the long run. They have inexpensive contracts, all signed for four years or less and they are a hell of a lot better than the Milwaukee Bucks."

Meirose was then unable to name a single player on the Indiana Hoosiers roster.