Mark Cuban, NBA, always do the right thing

Mark Cuban in his bubble - Chris Covatta

Apparently, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban does not want to expel Sterling if the alleged allegations are true, that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a racist.
The reason he has for not doing the right thing is that it is that "In this country, people are allowed to be morons."

It's ok for Donald Sterling to allegedly think and express that his own NBA employees, and a significant population of the earth, are unequal human beings?
That may be true but, Mr Cuban, not everybody is allowed the privilege of owning a NBA franchise. You might not be aware of this, but, NBA franchise owners are required to be responsible for the way they speak and act, and how that reflects on the league.

Also, let me try to understand your lack of desire to have Sterling lose his privilege of owning a NBA franchise because the criteria is a "slippery slope"?
Do you mean you would have to address something again if some owner was equally as hideous but in some other way? You're not interested in doing the right thing in your hypothetical situation, too?

Wow, that is just such a poor excuse for not speaking up and doing the right thing.

Free advice, Mr Cuban, always, do the right thing.

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