I expect too much communication from the Hansen Group

That must be what it is. I'm just not prone to blind faith, trusting few people's words when it comes to the Sonics return.

The infrequent and vapid reports from the potential arena builders just isn't enough for me, and that's my problem.

They have been working on the EIS for seven months since the release of the draft version and they couldn't ping the public sooner with the kinds of things they are working on, and still really haven't. The report is that they are working on it and that it is going about how they expected. That's swell, but what are they actually doing? Are they working on a traffic study? Pedestrian mobility model of some kind? An oil painting?

Hansen doesn't have to personally show up and donate property to a charity to say something. It's great what he did, and that he did say something. But, he hired a PR firm that might be fantastic with the insiders but really haven't related to the public minor information. Maybe that's by design, but it borders on ignoring the supporting public.

The vacuum lend itself to hordes of people inventing narratives set to dreamt up timetables. Absent facts, even little, tiny, insignificant ones, people will invent inaccurate scenarios that inevitably flame out.

I'm not a cheerleader. I'm an observer, and this is what I see.

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