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The Downstroke - Episode 11 - with new and improved (guest) host Kevin Calabro!

Kevin Calabro guest hosts and brings on Marques Johnson and Jon Barry to talk NBA!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's not every day that you get to have a world class NBA voice sub as the host for a podcast. And to get Kevin Calabro to do it, well, that's magic waiting to happen.

We just wrapped up tonight's episode of The Downstroke, and it HAS to be listened to. Seriously, stop whatever you are doing (well, maybe not CPR...carry on) and listen to this. It's that good.

The show starts off with Kevin Calabro talking about former Sonics players, with particular focus on Rashard Lewis. We then bring in guest Marques Johnson onto the show and he and KC make pure podcasting gold with their ebb and flow conversation about the NBA. Some talk about the Finals, Lebron James, Donald Sterling and Coach John Wooden. In this section, Kevin Calabro also gives his thoughts on the chances for expansion in Seattle.

One great guest wasn't enough for us tonight, so we brought in Jon Barry as our second special guest. He and KC talk some more about last night's blowout win by the San Antonio Spurs over the Miami Heat. They get into some talk about the off season trades that might be made in the NBA this summer. Then they venture into talking about the situation in NYC with Derek Fischer coming on as coach.

To wrap things up with Kevin Calabro, Taylor and I got to talk with him a little bit about John Wooden before he had to go so he could be ready for his NBA Finals obligations.

To close the show, Taylor and I get some more NBA talk in, with some draft talk, Knicks talk, and some Cavs talk among the topics. Plus our thoughts on what Kevin Calabro had to say about the chances of expansion in Seattle.

Listen in, and let us know what you think!

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