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Draft Day Open Thread

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This is your place to discuss all the goings-on today. There have already been three trades announced, with the Knicks sending Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to Dallas in exchange for Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington and two second round picks. The Knicks have been trying to get back into the draft this year and now they have.

The Denver Nuggets also re-acquired Arron Afflalo by sending Evan Fournier and the 56th pick to the Orlando Magic. Denver had been rumored to be trying to acquire Afflalo in order to flip him to Minnesota in a proposed Kevin Love deal. Could that be on the horizon?

The Houston Rockets cleared a little bit of cap space towards their goal of acquiring LeBron James and/or Carmelo Anthony by sending Omer Asik to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for a 2015 first round pick.

There are rumors that the Cleveland Cavaliers are shopping Orlando's fourth and twelfth picks around. Could they be sending the first overall pick to the Magic? What could they be trying to get at the end of the day?

A new rumor says that the Toronto Raptors are looking at Memphis's #22 pick with hungry eyes. A potential trade could see John Salmons and #37 going to Memphis with Tayshaun Prince heading up north along with the twenty-second pick.

We will update this post throughout the day with deals and rumors and once the draft gets started (5 PM Pacific) things will really pick up.

UPDATE 11:10 AM: The Philadelphia 76ers are apparently all-in on Andrew Wiggins. A league source told the Daily News that they "really, really, really want Wiggins."  That's three reallys, people. It's getting serious. They had allegedly previously offered Thaddeus Young and the #3 pick to Cleveland in exchange for the first overall. They do own about 47 second round picks between this year and next, which could potentially sweeten the deal.

UPDATE 11:25 AM: The Cavaliers attempted to have Dante Exum in for a last-minute workout this week. The reason was not because they were considering him at number one, but rather because they were considering Philadelphia's offer and knew Exum would be available at number three. The Sixers have allegedly been willing to replace Young in the deal with Michael Carter-Williams or the tenth overall pick in order to jump to the top of the board and grab Wiggins.

UPDATE 11:36 AM: The 76ers are apparently looking at other options as well. A new rumor floating around is that the Sixers would give up on becoming a young team and trade Rookie of the Year Carter-Williams for the ghost of Steve Nash. Also included in the deal would be Young and the seventh pick. I... don't get this one.

UPDATE 11:41 AM: Okay, slight update on the previous rumor. It sounds as if Philly would waive Nash and draft Exum at number three. That makes more sense, although I'm still not sure why they make this move. You'd  basically be trading MCW for a less proven clone, plus giving away Thad for nothing.

UPDATE 11:52 AM: UCLA's Zach LaVine apparently has a promise from the Minnesota Timberwolves, who hold the number 13 pick.

UPDATE 12:02 PM: According to CBS's Royce Young, Cleveland is asking Philadelphia for the numbers 3, 10, and 32 picks in exchange for the number one.

UPDATE 12:05 PM: Knicks fans, don't get too excited about Shane Larkin. Rumor is Phil Jackson is trying to assemble a package, including those two newly acquired second rounders, that will get the Knicks into the first round.

UPDATE 12:14 PM: Howard Beck is reporting that Jeremy Lin could be dealt soon, but it would be contingent on an agreement from either LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony to join the Houston Rockets.

UPDATE 12:26 PM: The Jazz are allegedly "desperate" to move up from the number five spot. Also, the Miami Heat have apparently decided that Shabazz Napier is the point guard they need to keep LeBron around, and are willing to trade up to get him.

UPDATE 12:55 PM: According to Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy, the Knicks, Blazers, and Nets are all trying to acquire first round picks, the Kings are looking for a second rounder, and the Hornets are trying to move up from 24.

UPDATE 1:02 PM: The Sun Times' Joe Cowley is reporting that the Bulls are looking to move up by packaging the 16th and 19th picks.

Although reports continue to assert that a deal is unlikely to happen tonight, the Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors have allegedly been having trade discussions involving Kevin Love for the past four hours.

UPDATE 1:20 PM: Hearing Marcus Smart's name in regards to the Jazz at number five. That could be interesting, seeing as how his agent blocked a workout with the team.

UPDATE 1:30 PM: Another name being tied to the Jazz is Arizona's Aaron Gordon. That makes a lot more sense to me. Utah still trying to move up, though.

UPDATE 1:42 PM: Boston is now in talks with the Cavs pertaining to the number one pick. Not sure what they're offering.

The Clippers are rumored to be looking for an athletic wing player and are willing to part with the number 28 pick to get one.

UPDATE 1:53 PM: Yet another team in the hunt for the top slot; the Sacramento Kings. Not sure what they're offering, but it's looking like Cleveland will have plenty of options.

UPDATE 2:57 PM: Philadelphia is no longer pursuing the number one pick, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Clippers are shopping a trade package of Matt Barnes and the number 28 pick. They are rumored to be interested in Iman Shumpert, Gerald Green, or Tony Allen.

UPDATE 3:14 PM: Michigan's Mitch McGary allegedly has a first round promise. Rumor is it might be from Charlotte at 24, although they are trying to move up.

UPDATE 3:47 PM: The Knicks are allegedly interested in Enes Kanter. No one is quite sure why.

UPDATE 3:51 PM: The Knicks are also allegedly interested in Austin Rivers, for some reason. Maybe they haven't watched him play basketball. The Pelicans have made Rivers as well as Ryan Anderson available, according to sources.

UPDATE 4:01 PM: Marc Stein is reporting that the Brooklyn Nets are trying to buy (yes, buy) their way into the 20s.

UPDATE 4:12 PM: Philly is making one last big push for number one, offering picks 3,10, 32 and NEXT yrs 1st, plus Thad Young

UPDATE 4:21 PM: Looks like the festivities are about to get underway. Let's move the conversation over to a new thread.