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Build an All-Time Sonics team with $15

25 players, 15 dollars. Spend wisely.

Sonics and basketball community - let's take a break from the silly season that is NBA free agency and engage in some barbershop type debate.

If you could build an all-time Seattle SuperSonics' starting five, who would they be?

But wait, there's a catch.

The players are valued, and you only have $15 to spend. No, you can't play three-on-five with The Glove, Reign Man and Kevin Durant. That's cheating.

So here is your challenge. Spend Wisely. Oh, also choose your own head coach, who will not count against your $15 salary cap. Although, I'd advise against picking P. J. Carlesimo to coach your team...








Gary Payton

Ray Allen

Kevin Durant

Shawn Kemp

Jack Sikma


Gus Williams

Freddy Brown

Xavier McDaniel

Tom Chambers

Spencer Haywood


Lenny Wilkens

Dale Ellis

Detlef Schrempf

Rashard Lewis

Michael Cage


Nate McMillan

Dennis Johnson

Eddie Johnson

Nick Collison

Sam Perkins


Slick Watts

Hersey Hawkins

Derrick McKey

Paul Silas

Marvin Webster

My team, coached by Lenny Wilkens includes: Gary Payton, Ray Allen, Derrick McKey, Rashard Lewis and Marvin Webster to equal out to an even $15.

I wanted to re-create the Ray and Rashard show, but couldn't have an all-time Sonics team without The Glove. To fill out the roster I added a wing defender in Derrick McKey and a rim protector in Marvin Webster.

Fun fact: In Webster's lone season in Seattle he averaged a double-double in points and rebounds, while also averaging two blocks per-contest. Marvin The Magnificent also finished 10th in MVP win shares in 1978 and without his play it's very unlikely that Seattle would've seen the '78 Finals.

So my team will have three-point shooting orchestrated by one of the greatest point guards of all time, a rim protector, and a wing defender to make up for all the times that Rashard falls asleep on defense.

Who's on your team? Head to the comment section to engage in debate.

Oh, and enjoy the holiday weekend! God Bless America!