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The Sonics "Return" in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated visited Seattle a few weeks ago to see where the hearts of Sonics fans are.

Worth reading the article for yourself over on

When I first heard from our own Brian Robinson that Sports Illustrated would be coming to town to talk Sonics, I have to admit, it made my heart beat jump for a few moments.  But reality quickly came crashing back in that they very likely are even less informed than Sonics Rising is about the whole situation.  But nonetheless, it is great getting the national spotlight once again on our efforts to bring the Sonics back to Seattle.

A couple of points from the article - first, it paints us (Sonics fans) as fairly clueless to begin with in how it proposes we were all in on believing the Atlanta Hawks were going to move to Seattle.  Apparently they don't read our blog.  Kevin, send them an invite.  Truthfully, we could not envision that ever happening.  Makes no sense.  Zero.  And further, the timeline would never work with the current EIS even if there was that glimmer of hope.

Yes, Russell Wilson tweeted it, but I suspect that even he didn't truly believe that it would happen, but rather was doing his part to keep the focus on Seattle.  Which by the way @DangeRussWilson - we appreciate.

The article goes on to interview Brian Robinson, Chris Daniels, Sherman Alexie and Jason Reid of Sonicsgate fame.  All three represent us and our situation well, and Robinson and Daniels each come off as quite optimistic in fact.  Both suggest a team in Seattle within 3 years of being better than 50/50 odds.  And I'd agree.

Have the Sonics fans had our hearts broken (repeatedly)?  Sure have.  Have our dreams been dashed repeatedly?  Yup.  Has our hope been crushed?  Partially, but not completely.  Some have left the movement, which is the case in any prolonged effort.  But I tell you what, I get to see the readership of Sonics Rising via Google Analytics each month - the fans are still here.  I get to see what happens to our traffic when a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon - the site explodes.

Alexie says in the article:

The worst part, says Alexie, is the lack of a future. "I can watch NBA games and the playoffs and get excited," he says. "But the thing I really miss, that hurts the most to lose, is following the draft. Because the draft is really the church of basketball, where you're saying all these prayers, looking for your saviors, your messiahs." He pauses. "That doesn't matter at all anymore. I didn't watch the draft this year, because it didn't really matter, because I have no team that might get saved. So I guess I miss hoping....I'm a sports fan without hope."

At least there is an upside, as his wife has pointed out: These days, Alexie no longer gets depressed during basketball season. Says Alexie, "I guess I've finally hit acceptance."

I don't blame Mr. Alexie for this, it is a truth many supporters of the Sonics have faced at one time or another. We've even found ourselves saying it from time to time.  But the instant a new rumor comes to light, the mention of completion of the EIS, a sighting of Chris Hansen in town, and it all springs back to life.  Hope springs eternal.  Ready to ride the roller coaster "just one more time".

We here at Sonics Rising are beating the drum unapologetically for the return of the Sonics.  We believe it will happen.  And we want to be ready for it.  So wherever you find yourself on the hope spectrum, keep tuned in.  Keep reaching out to your local politicians.  Keep making your voice heard.  It matters.  I believe it is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when the Sonics will return.  And we're doing our part to make sure we are all ready for it.