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Daniels: Hansen Has Submitted EIS Info

So, about last night...

So about an hour ago, KING 5's Chris Daniels casually addressed Jon Humbert's earlier report concerning the Seattle Arena's EIS. It started with Daniels responding to twitter user jkeogh78 asking about KOMO's report.

Oooh, an ellipses. Daniels, you coy bastard, what are you hiding? He continued:

Hmm. Okay. Not the February that Humbert was reporting, but not much earlier, either. Interesting? Maybe a little.

So you're saying the four months is an estimate? Well, that is interesting.

Okay, Chris. We're listening.

WHOA! So apparently KOMO was given false information. Tell us more, Chris!

Okay, guys. We've got real news. We've got a real date to look forward to. Chris has done his part, and now we wait again. At least now, we know what we're waiting for. There is an end in sight. Go Sonics.

UPDATE 4:43 PM: Here is Daniels' write-up on the story