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Seattle Sin Bin special episode: Geoff Baker talks KeyArena, Sodo, Bellevue, Tukwila, and NHL

Geoff Baker steps into the Sin Bin to discuss his recent reports on a potential remodel of KeyArena for NBA/NHL.

Geoff Baker throwing Magnum our way
Geoff Baker throwing Magnum our way
Seattle Times

With Geoff Baker's recent report that a group out of New Mexico is interested in funding a $285 million NHL/NBA renovation of KeyArena, and with his report on Mayor Murray's response to the story earlier today, we decided to invite him into the Sin Bin for a special Thursday episode. He was gracious enough to agree.

He discusses the KeyArena option, and expresses some frustration with the way the City of Seattle is handling it. He also talks about the current situations in Bellevue, Tukwila, and Sodo.

He reports that the Bellevue option seems dead for the moment, but could always be revived. He also reports that Ray Bartoszek is still working on the Tukwila option, but is yet to secure the investor he needs.

He expresses belief that the NHL's decision to delay an expansion announcement was made in hopes that Seattle groups can get their acts together, in spite of recent statements by Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Oh, and we also talked some hockey.