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Your last voting reminder for Seattle positions

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SonicsRising provides you with a quick cheat sheet on how to vote in the Seattle City Council, Seattle Port Commissioner and King County Council.

Sonics Vote

SonicsRising/Seattle Sin Bin Voters Guide


1. Complete your ballot

2. Seal your ballot

3. Sign & date the back of the envelope

4. Stamp and mail your ballot before Nov 3rd or deliver your ballot to a drop box or drop van before Nov 3rd

Voting information available at

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SonicsRising/Seattle Sin Bin Voters Guide

  • Seattle Council District 1: Shannon Braddock
  • Seattle Council District 2: Bruce Harrell
  • Seattle Council District 3: Pamela Banks
  • Seattle Council District 4: Rob Johnson
  • Seattle Council District 5: Sandy Brown
  • Seattle Council District 6: Mike O'Brien
  • Seattle Council District 7: Sally Bagshaw
  • Seattle Council Position 8: Tim Burgess
  • Seattle Council Position 9: Lorena Gonzalez
  • King County Council District 2: Larry Gossett
  • King County Council District 4: Jeanne Kohl-Welles
  • King County Council District 6: Jane Hague
  • King County Council District 8: Joe McDermott
  • Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 2: Courtney Gregoire
  • Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 5: Fred Felleman


Sonics Voting

Voting information available at

#sonicsvote #sonicsgotv #seaelex #kcelex #waelex