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Seattle Sin Bin: NHL Vegas expansion; Seattle hockey historian Jeff Obermeyer

Sports betting expert Dana Lane steps in to discuss the effort to bring the NHL to Sin City and to handicap the Stanley Cup playoffs; Seattle hockey historian Jeff Obermeyer joins us to discuss the heritage of the sport in the region.

Stanley Cup champs
Stanley Cup champs
Jeff Obermeyer

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In our seventh episode, we talk about the NHL's near future in the City of Las Vegas, before going over the sport's past in the Pacific Northwest. We also have some sponsors for the podcast with some vintage commercials that will take you back in time. I want to express our gratitude to those sponsors, though they didn't really sponsor or endorse us in any way.


Renowned sports handicapper Dana Lane steps into the Sin Bin to talk about potential NHL expansion to his stomping grounds in Las Vegas. Here's a hint. He is extremely excited about the prospects and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about his city. He also handicaps the Stanley Cup playoffs for us.

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If you haven't visited, you need to. Jeff Obermeyer, Seattle's hockey historian, has put a lot of heart and soul into that site to document the rich history of the sport of hockey in the region, from the Stanley Cup winning Seattle Metropolitans to the Seattle Thunderbirds and every era in between.

Jeff was good enough to step into the Sin Bin to regale us with stories of the Metropolitans, the Totems, and the effort to bring the NHL to town. Here's another hint. The NHL has been trying to get to Seattle since the 1960's. He also gives a surprising answer to how the Metropolitans name was chosen back in the day.


One thing we've never ever ever discussed around here is what to name the potential NHL franchise when it arrives in Seattle. I don't know what we've been thinking. Your humble hosts discuss it. So what do you guys think. Metropolitans? Totems? Kraken? Mammoths? Supersonics (*ducks to avoid flying objects)?


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