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SB Nation mock draft: Celtics, Pistons trade picks, players

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Pistons trade 8th overall pick to the Boston Celtics. Celtics send back Kelly Olynyk, 16th & 33rd overall picks.

Taylor: Olynyk feels like one of those guys that’s going to play for 75% of the NBA by the time he retires (looking at you, Spencer Hawes). He’s a fringe starter at best but if Greg Monroe is indeed on his way out of the Motor City, Olynyk could be a good piece for the Pistons. Getting two more picks is a good deal for SVG.

Kevin: I like the Pistons trading back here.  Their big draft pick/free agent deal was trading for Reggie Jackson in the middle of last year.  This draft is deep enough where they can get a lot of value at their picks at 16 and 33.

Adding Olynyk is a great get also.  Depending on how the Pistons go they can either have him start or they can have him come off the bench.  I think Stan Van Gundy is going to get a lot out of him, even Brad Stevens made him into a decent NBA rotational player.

Dontae: I'll give the Pistons C+ for this trade and the Celtics a B. Olynyk could be the help that the Pistons need to space the floor around center Andre Drummond. After the seven players that were just drafted, their isn't much space between the 8th and 16th guy, that the Pistons  have to worry about a large drop-off in talent. Except, Kristaps Porzingis is still on the board. He was listed as a top 3 pick all year. The Pistons could have used him as a young big that can shoot next to Drummond. Olynyk better be worth it.

Olynyk isn't a game changer, he's a solid role player that could be in a championship rotation some day. Giving up Olynyk and the 16th and the 33rd picks might be a stiff price, but the Celtics have to jump at the chance to grab maybe one day the best player in the draft.