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SB Nation Mock Draft: The Miami Heat select Frank Kaminsky

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the 13th pick from the 76ers, Miami selects Frank Kaminsky from Wisconsin.

From Hot Hot Hoops: Pat Riley loves NBA-ready players and the senior will be able to fit right in and provide much-needed size as a versatile seven-footer who can knock down the outside shot. The Heat’s collection of big men are only getting older and Kaminsky will improve with time on both ends of the floor. His unique skill set will add several dimensions to a potent offense in a dynamic frontcourt alongside either Chris Bosh or Hassan Whiteside.

By trading down just three spots, the Heat were able to acquire valuable draft picks either to be used as future trade pieces or to fill out the roster with cheaper players, a necessity if Pat Riley wants to resign his current starting five and lock them down for several years. The Heat’s depleted collection of future draft picks after the Goran Dragic trade gets a boost with the addition of a future first round pick and a pair of second round picks.

Kevin: I really love what Pat Riley did here.  Hassan Whiteside had a monster end of the season last year, but is he a long term starter in the NBA?  Kaminsky probably is.  I don’t expect him to be the starter from day one, he’ll have to earn that, but I do see him as a better overall player coming into the league over Whiteside.

The offense opens up a ton with Kaminsky out on the floor and will make opposing defenses respect the center position a lot more.  Kaminsky has great size, strength and basketball IQ.  I don’t think he has the speed to be a defensive beast, but he could end up being a combo of Kevin Love and Nikola Vucevic.  By that I mean he’s heady enough to know where to be to get rebounds and take some charges.

Taylor: I like Kaminsky but I'm not sure I understand the fit with the Heat. He's basically Bosh with better handles, and a better three point shot, so having them both on the floor at the same time seems superfluous. If he's backing up Bosh, that makes more sense because you don't have to change the offense much. Putting Kaminsky at the 4 with Bosh at the 5 leaves no one to get rebounds. I also think Kaminsky's talent would be wasted behind Bosh. I have to wonder if Miami is looking to make another deal, or if they just drafted best player available, because this one is a head-scratcher to me.

Lucas: Not only do the Heat snag a skilled forward in Frank Kaminsky, but they also were able to snag future picks, which should allow them to rebuild their roster with youth, something the Heat desperately need. As far as Kaminsky is concerned, the Heat add a power forward who is able to play both with his back to the basket and facing the hoop, and also has great range,, knocking down a sizzling 41.6% of his threes last for the Badgers last season.The concern with Kaminsky is his average athleticism, and his lack of strength, as he will likely  get bullied down low on defense by bigger power forwards and centers. However, Hassan Whiteside should be able to mask some of Kaminsky’s defensive limitations, and Kaminsky should be able to help space the floor with his shooting, and provide Whiteside with space in the post and on pick and rolls. Needless to say, I believe that Kaminsky and Whiteside should pair together to make a nice frontcourt.

Dontae: Pat Rilley just showed why he's still the boss. A future first round pick and a draft pick of Frank "The Tank" Kaminsky. Good value, great fit. Kaminsky is not your typical Tyler Hansbrough-esque, four-year senior, National Player of the Year prospect. Kaminsky is a multi-faceted scorer. He can provide spacing next to Whiteside or play in the post next to a perimeter oriented Bosh. The veteran Heat team will be a good fit.

Now he does lack some strength in the post, but he has enough skill. With an NBA training regiment he can be strong enough to back both Heat bigs up for 30 minutes a night and be effective. He's not going to be a star, but I see more than Spencer Hawes and Channing Frye in him. And if he does end up like those two, it's not necessarily a bad thing.