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SB Nation Mock Draft: The Chicago Bulls select Rakeem Christmas

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls have selected Rakeem Christmas from Syracuse with the 29th pick

Lucas: Rakeem Christmas at 29 is a complete surprise to me. Personally, I don’t view Christmas as a first round pick. He does possess an impressive 7’5" wingspan, and is a talented rim protector, and a very athletic finishes, capable of throwing down some impressive dunks. However, Christmas’s motor has always been a question, and the fact that he hasn’t show consistent effort and also the fact that he lacks any sort of meaningful back to the basket game is reason enough for me to say believe he isn’t worth a first round pick.

Dontae: Christmas is a 23 year old, one year wonder. Before his senior year at Syracuse, Christmas was nowhere to be found. That’s a red flag to me. At the end of the first round, the best teams make shrewd and calculated moves with an eye on underrated players than can develop or overseas prospects that they can bring over in a few years (see the San Antonio Spurs). This was not one of those moves. Christmas is a second round pick in every sense of the word. He’s athletic, long, and can block shots. He’s also undersized, gets beat up in the post, and has a questionable work ethic. This is a wasted pick.

Kevin: The Bulls could have gotten something a lot better here.  If they were going to reach this far here might as well have grabbed Maryland’s Dez Wells.  Wells would have been a better fit and addressed more of a position of need here.

Taylor: Christmas isn't even the best Orange player available. I would take Chris McCullough over him. Jarell Martin or Jonathan Holmes also would have been better picks. Hell, I might even take a gamble on Cliff Alexander here. I just don't get this one. Apparently he impressed at the Combine with his mid-range jumper, but to me he's a DeAndre Jordan light.