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Proud to rock Sonics gear

We don't know when the Sonics are coming back, but keeping their memory alive is one of the ways we can help. One method is following the recent celebrity trend.

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Smelly Sonics gear, courtesy of Chris Meirose
Smelly Sonics gear, courtesy of Chris Meirose
Chris Meirose

Want to keep hope alive? One way to do that is to keep the memories alive.

Slam Online just did an article recounting the recent trend, headlined by the likes of Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, to wear Seattle Sonics gear for photo ops.

The franchise's departure from Seattle back in 2008 left longtime fans understandably bitter. Ever since, there has been a growing push to bring the team back to its original hometown.

The movement seems to have garnered more support of late, partially due to the help of famous athletes and one flashy jacket.

And it's not just Seattle celebrities. As the article points out, everyone's favorite family man, Floyd Mayweather, has also had his picture taken in that jacket, and Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown has tweeted about it.

We don't know when or how we are getting a team back. We don't know if or when expansion will happen. We don't know what will happen with the Bucks.

We do know that the SoDo arena finally has its FEIS, that an arena proposal is moving forward in Tukwila, and that many people are still talking about the Sonics. As long as those things are true, we have hope.

So let's help out. There's not much we can do about the arena situation at the moment. There's not much we can do as fans to acquire a team. But we can play a role in keeping the Sonics in the conversation. We can wear the green and gold.

If you've got some gear, wear it. If you don't have any, get some. If you don't want the league to profit by your purchase, you can always do an Ebay search for used Sonics stuff.

A while back, we told you to hoist those colors. Now, we encourage you to wear them.