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Have you signed the petition yet?

We want our Sonics back, do you?!? If so, make sure you're signed up and get others to join you!

For a few years we have frequently had the question posed to us "What can we do to get the Sonics back?"  Today you have an opportunity to make an impact.  If you haven't done so already SIGN THE PETITION for the Sonics Arena in SoDo!

But don't stop there.  Share that you have done so on social media.  Invite your friends, family, neighbors, heck we'll even take your enemies to sign it too!  Wear some Green and Gold to the office while you're at it!

Why does this matter?  Because politicians often listen to the loudest voices.  If we as Sonics fans are not heard, we cannot expect them to represent our interests.

Having a Shovel Ready Arena is a vital step in this process.  Our own Brian Robinson had a very informative conversation with super agent Leigh Steinberg earlier this week where Steinberg shared:

"Leagues have to deal with an endless stream of solicitations for team relocation and expansion" Steinberg said. "They review endless amounts of planning and hear lots of promises, many of which never come to fruition. There is inherent skepticism of proposals and plans when compared to an executed plan for an arena or stadium."

As has been clearly reported and supported by all the evidence in the studies done to develop the stadium plans, the vacation of Occidental Ave. will have very little impact on this area of SoDo.

So sign the petition. Plan on coming to the SCC public meeting regarding the vacation on March 15th as well.

It's Game Time.  It's time to get this done.  It's time to build a new home for the future Sonics and hopefully an NHL team as well!