I just watched Cuban on Simmons HBO show.


I just watched Cuban on Simmons HBO show. I think he would favor relocation. He opposes slicing revenue into 31 pieces. In his discussion with Gladwell on public funding arenas he said that not all teams are as valuable as others. I think there was an acknowledgement that all franchise values will go up now. But that misses the point. If your situation is a revenue money loser it doesn't matter how potentially valuable your franchise is unless you can actually sell for that price. If you can't then you are leaving profit on the table when you resell, maybe a billion dollars. Think about it. Cuban said he wouldn't accept $2.5 billion for a Seattle expansion fee, says the cost is too great. That's oversimplified, but on balance it's likely true. Splitting off a 31st piece eventually consumes whatever that fee was, assuming the addition did increase the overall value of the league.(Adding Seattle would add zero value, really?) Teams that could make more money by selling and relocating to better markets didn't change, though. How many teams is that? Is Seattle so much more valuable as a market that a team that resold in the bottom 10% might sell for a 3/4 of a billion, maybe a billion dollars? The more valuable the league is then the bigger that pile of money gets. Lastly, I wonder why there isn't a tweet button on the HBO Now app.

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