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Seattle Growth Podcast Extra: Walker & Nordstrom on SoDo as “the best solution”

SoDo investors Wally Walker and Pete Nordstrom discuss the arena situation, the music scene, and Seattle Center

Jeff Shulman (Seattle Growth Podcast)

Can we expect a surprise from the SoDo arena group, Jeff Shulman asks Wally Walker.

Shulman speaks with SoDo arena investors Walker and Pete Nordstrom on the current details of their proposal in the latest special edition of his Seattle Growth Podcast. He also speaks with musician Ben London and the impact of a new arena on Seattle’s music community.

Seattle Growth Podcast

In its second season, the critically-acclaimed Seattle Growth Podcast tackles the impact of a potential return of the Sonics on the city. Host Jeff Shulman, associate professor in marketing at UW’s Foster School of Business, explores and discusses the economic and population growth of the city of Seattle.

The 11-episode journey hopes to offer perspective on the team’s and arena’s effects on real estate, traffic, taxes, employment, and the overall community. SGP speaks in-depth with residents, business owners, academic experts, city leaders & officials, as well as former Sonics players and owners to help inform the discussion.

We present the full series in an effort to educate citizens about the various issues surrounding the efforts to build a new arena and return the SuperSonics franchise to Seattle and the NBA.

Listen to Seattle Growth Podcast: Impact of a Sonics Return here

Seattle Growth Podcast Extra: Music, Arena Wars, and Seattle Center

In this special episode, Shulman speaks with Wally Walker and Pete Nordstrom on the latest of their group’s proposal for a new sports and entertainment venue in Seattle’s SoDo district. They talk about where the proposal stands with the city council and how it compares to the proposal fronted by the Oak View Group at Seattle Center. Thhey also discuss the role of music and how their own KeyArena redevelopment proposal will aid the music community. Shulman also speaks with musician Ben London.

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