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Seattle Hockey Name tournament

Seattle Sin Bin is running a bracket style tournament to see what Seattle sports fans want as a potential NHL team name.

There is no shortage of NHL team name polls in Seattle right now. The announcement last week that the NHL is allowing Seattle to apply for expansion caused a lot of excitement, which is a beautiful thing.

Never forget, however, that we at the Seattle Sin Bin and Sonics Rising have been having this debate on and off for the last four years. We were trying to name our future team before trying naming our future team was cool.

And we’re not about to stop now.

Beginning today, the @SeattleSinBin twitter account is running a bracket style tournament in which 32 team names square off against one another a round at a time. The tournament will be conducted via Twitter polling.

Today’s contests have already been tweeted. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the winner! In the comments below, please tell us which names you voted for and why.