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SonicsRising’s Christmas Wish

What does the blog without a team want this Christmas?

Around Seattle

We’re once again partnering with the Mothership to bring all the blogs together and the theme (obvious by the title) is a wishlist for our NBA franchise. Well -- as we don’t have a franchise we are going to ask Mr. Leiweke (Hi, Tim!) and Mr. Silver to provide us a Christmas miracle and deliver the Seattle area their Supersonics back. Preferably not via relocation, we don’t want to be a grinch. I do not speak for everyone on staff on this. There are some who will take a team by any means necessary. I would too, but I’d prefer not to break another fan base’s heart.

What do the staff want to specifically?

Kevin: We know teams are going to come, but I want to the whole thing to go as smoothly as possible. Be it anything with the leagues or with the City of Seattle and King County. No more roadblocks, nothing weird, only smoothness.

Jeff: Obviously, we desperately want the Sonics back. We’ve spent over 10 years trying to save and now bring back the Seattle SuperSonics. My biggest Christmas gift from the NBA beyond that would be for the NBA to start showing a more proactive voice in returning a team to Seattle, similar to how the NHL has been very open about their interest in Seattle. I want to see the NBA’s attitude change from “Seattle was a great market, but we have no interest in expanding or relocating at this time” to “With Seattle’s new arena, the league will look to put a team back in Seattle as quickly as possible.” Little things like that could go a long way to rebuilding a great relationship with the league.

Miles: I want a new (will accept newly renovated) arena before the recent MOU is complete.

While the overall goal is bring the Sonics back to Seattle, getting a new arena done has been an issue for (gasp!) almost 20 years. It’s going to be good for the city and I’m hoping it gets accomplished.

From there, the path to Seattle having winter sports teams becomes much easier as we can show the leagues that we can actually build an arena (or two) to house them.

I’d also like an official, Red Ryder, carbine action, two hundred shot range model air rifle to shoot t-shirts into the stands. Ho, ho, ho!

Chris: Kevin Durant. In Green and Gold. Again. And...Kraken.

Taylor: The easy answer is to just say the Sonics back, right? Well, no matter what, I think we can all resolve that that isn’t going to happen in 2018. So my Christmas wish is continued progress on a new arena (new renderings!) and hopefully a little whisper of news coming from the NBA.

Paul: I want what they want, and what every other fan that came to Sonics Rising and spilled their guts, and gave everything they had, wants. I want the NBA to love us as much as we love it. That’s what I want. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t steal this from Rambo at all.

Otto: The Sonics back and to get back to the playoffs and have another ‘Rally in the Alley.’

Dontae: I can say the easiest thing and that is a NBA team (somehow, anyhow) secured… a matter of fact, I do wish for a NBA team waiting in the wings, with the new arena easily clearing the EIS, and any other hurdle necessary to put shovels in the ground.

For the readers, I want sustained hope. We've had so many ups and downs waiting for things to line up to get a new arena, every reader deserves to have that hope, rooted and grounded in tangible evidence that the SuperSonics are “sooner, than later” coming home.

Matt: I want the Seattle SuperSonics back in the NBA as soon as is possible. With arena things moving here and direct interest brewing in Mexico City, the path seems to be opening. Yes, I could see a team relocating here, not specifically by want but by reality. Owners are talking about addressing markets/teams that are underperforming, so it’s possible we could see the Sonics back by that method here. Expansion preferred.I want the arena timeline to go smoothly and for the NHL to award expansion to christen the new building. As quickly as the process went for CenturyLink Field, I could see Seattle Center Arena going the same way.

How about you, reader? What do you want for Christmas?