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Tim Leiweke interview, part 1

Miles DeCaro

Here is part one of our interview with Oak View Group CEO Tim Leiweke. In this section, he discusses his ties to Seattle, why this project appeals to him, and what some of the next steps are in the process.

I’m not new to Seattle.

We do have Seattle and its interests at heart.

You don’t bet the kind of bet we just bet without believing we’re gonna be able to get at least one and two additional teams to join the Storm.

This isn’t about what I want, this isn’t about what I love. This is about what we can get for Seattle.

First team that’s available, we’re gonna go get.

This is Seattle. The leagues want to come here.

The first one we get will be the calling card for the second one if we do it well.

We’re gonna have some local owners... they’re gonna end up being front and center.

Seattle deserves to have somebody who understands Seattle running this thing on a day-to-day basis.

Listen to the full part one below and keep an eye out for part two coming soon.