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Proposals Unleashed

Today renovation proposals for the renovation of KeyArena into an NBA/NHL ready facility were released by the Seattle Office of Economic Development.

These proposals are available for review HERE:

Friend of the blog and reporter for King 5 news Chris Daniels provides an excellent summary of the proposals HERE:

There will be a lot of time spent analyzing the details of these proposals and our writers are working on a series of articles to compare them against each other and the Sodo proposal. One thing that certainly stands out immediately is the relative formality and structure of these proposals when compared with earlier arena proposals in Sodo. Letters from proponents such as Jerry Buss and the Ackerly family are meaningful and should add some legitimacy to AEG and OVG claims that they intend to pursue NBA and NHL franchises. It will be interesting to see if the Sodo group can deliver comparable endorsements from similarly qualified individuals.