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Seattle Growth Podcast Extra: KeyArena & Seattle Center’s Future

Councilmember Rob Johnson on the evaluation process, plus a potential Seattle Center alternative

Jeff Shulman (Seattle Growth Podcast)

Professor Jeff Shulman returns with a special episode of the Seattle Growth Podcast exploring the future of Seattle Center and KeyArena, and what impacts choosing an Uptown arena project or a SoDo arena project will have on the city.

Seattle Growth Podcast

In its second season, the critically-acclaimed Seattle Growth Podcast tackles the impact of a potential return of the Sonics on the city. Host Jeff Shulman, associate professor in marketing at UW’s Foster School of Business, explores and discusses the economic and population growth of the city of Seattle.

The 11-episode journey hopes to offer perspective on the team’s and arena’s effects on real estate, traffic, taxes, employment, and the overall community. SGP speaks in-depth with residents, business owners, academic experts, city leaders & officials, as well as former Sonics players and owners to help inform the discussion.

We present the full series in an effort to educate citizens about the various issues surrounding the efforts to build a new arena and return the SuperSonics franchise to Seattle and the NBA.

Listen to Seattle Growth Podcast: Impact of a Sonics Return here

Seattle Growth Podcast Extra: KeyArena & Seattle Center’s Future

In this special episode follow-up to the season, Shulman asks two key questions:

Which proposal will the city support for the purpose of attracting professional basketball and hockey teams? And secondly, if KeyArena is not chosen for that purpose, what will the city do with that public asset?

Guests for the episode include:

  • City councilmember Rob Johnson on the process that each of the three proposals will be evaluated by, as well as the pros and cons of each proposal
  • Sam Farrazaino, real estate developer, on a potential arts alternative to consider for Seattle Center and KeyArena if the SoDo project is selected

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