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The next Reign: What you know about Jamon Kemp?

How familiar are you with the Class of 2019’s best basketball prospect from the State of Washington? He’s a 6’6” small forward who plays his high school ball in the Central District, putting on the uniform of Garfield High School. You may have heard of his father, former Seattle Supersonic icon, Shawn Kemp.

It is time for you all to begin to get acquainted with Jamon Kemp because this kid has the skills to be the next great player to come out of the 206.

Kemp is not only the highest ranked player in the State of Washington, but according to Max Preps he is the 51st best player in the whole country. As of writing this he only has an offer from the University of Montana, but in a recent interview, he said that there are numerous other schools that are interested in him. These schools include Washington, Washington State, Gonzaga, Oregon, and a whole host of other programs all over the country.

Check out one of the few highlight videos of the young Kemp.

I’ve watched a couple of his highlight videos and the thing that jumps out most about him is how silky his game is.

The kid is smooth.

Kemp looks like he is playing at half speed with the other kids around him. His handles are a bit loose, but he’s seventeen and can get away with it. He does have the ability to tighten it up quick though. He goes from open court dribbling around his shoulders and once in traffic that dribble gets low to just above the knees.

The next thing that stood out to me is how unselfish he is with the ball. He’s more than likely the best player on his team, but he gives up the ball to his teammates in the right spots. His passing is so crisp; no-looks, pocket passes, chest passes, bounce passes, etc. The passes are right on the mark and it looks to be the right pass too!

The videos didn’t show off his shooting a whole lot, but from the two clips that I saw he has a form just like his dad’s. It’s not pretty, but I bet it gets the job done. It is better than Lonzo Ball’s shot for sure. There is nothing uglier on a basketball court than that shooting motion. And the final thing I’ll mention is how quickly he gets off the ground. He can jump and he’s a quick jumper. I see him having quite a few highlight dunks throughout his career.

Check out the video, head out to one of his games to check him out in person. A high-profile game worth checking out is on the 23rd at fifth-ranked O’Dea High School. If you don’t live in Seattle you can stream that game. I think I just might do that.

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