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New Arena renderings tweak entrance atrium

View of New Arena at Seattle Center atrium from the south
Oak View Group

In advance of a Seattle Design Commission meeting tomorrow, the Oak View Group released new renderings of their New Arena at Seattle Center proposal. Mostly, they focus on the new entrance atrium on the south end of the arena. The atrium, which is being added on to increase square footage, has changed shape in order to better align with the architecture of the current structure. For reference, here is the previous proposal:

OVG KeyArena renovations

In the new proposal, the overhanging awning to the north and south have been scaled back and the atrium’s roof has been changed to a more cohesive design. There are also entrances on the south side of the atrium now.

Oak View Group

As you can see from a birds eye view, this makes the arena look much more fluid and cohesive.

Once you enter the atrium, you enter a lobby at the 300 level. You can enter the arena bowl there or take escalators down to the main concourse and lower levels.

The plans also included three alternate atrium designs, which you can see below:

Check out the full document HERE. The Seattle Design Commission will review the presentation tomorrow at 9 am.