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NHL Seattle: A letter to season ticket holders

A pledge to fans from President and CEO Tod Leiweke.

Chris Mast

Dear NHL Seattle Fan,

You did it, and together we celebrate the unanimous decision by the NHL to become its 32nd franchise! Our 32,000 season ticket depositors set the course and on behalf of David Bonderman and our ownership team, simply said, we are forever grateful.

Our new franchise will launch in the fall of 2021 and we now double down on our commitment to building a winning franchise and a world class arena.

Today marks the beginning of a 30-month journey toward selection of our first hockey team. The timeline of 2021 will allow us to shape a franchise that Seattle hockey fans will be proud to call their own. We will take advantage of the time to create a top leadership team. We’ll start by hiring staff, then begin to scout talent from the NHL and around the globe to build a precise expansion draft plan.

Here is our pledge to our great fans:

We will build a franchise that is by the Fan, of the Fan, and for the Fan.Our transcendent new arena and NHL team will be the most fan driven in all of sports. We will always be inspired by your epic support, and your voice will be heard as we assemble our team and a fan driven brand.

We will build a winning hockey franchise.

Driven by the simple idea of returning the Stanley Cup to Seattle we will hire top hockey management, build a peerless training facility at Northgate for our players and the hockey community, and create a model AHL franchise as a feeder system for talent.

We will construct the next great arena.From sightlines to amenities to technology, we will make the necessary investments to create the next great arena. It will be home to the NHL, WNBA and a top ten international concert venue, giving every man, woman and child a reason to cheer.

We will make a profound difference in our community and give back every day.

We will make community a shining pillar of our team using all our assets to give back on behalf of you, our stakeholders. We start by announcing a Fan Giving Council, and matching interest earned from season ticket deposits as a donation to local charities.

Today is a celebration of Seattle’s Return to Hockey. I have a sincere love for this region and a deep conviction to bring the Stanley Cup back to Seattle. We will be in regular contact with you regarding a host of initiatives, from naming the team, to ticket plans, to seat selection, as we build a franchise that embodies this unique city.


Tod Leiweke

President and CEO, NHL Seattle