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MyNorthwest reporting possible season ticket drive dates

First reports on when tickets will be available.

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 5 - United States v Slovenia Photo by Harry How/Getty Images
OVG Render of Key Arena

According to Mike Lewis of MyNorthwest, sources within the NHL indicate that Seattle’s prospective NHL ownership is set to announce a season ticket drive on March 1st. A season ticket drive for the NHL, likely to start playing in 2020, would entail submitting a deposit in order for fans to secure their spot. In the unlikely event that the NHL does not approve the expansion the deposits would be refunded to fans.

2018 NHL All-Star - Commissioner Gary Bettman Media Availability Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

A recent example of the NHL deferring after an application submission can be seen in Quebec City, which applied for a franchise at the same time as Las Vegas. While the application was not denied it has waited in limbo since. This outcome seems unlikely for Seattle as KING5 reports that multiple NHL executives are excited about expanding into the market.

What can you expect to spend? In a market such as Seattle, season tickets usually start in the neighborhood of $50 a game so for a full season you can expect to pay around $2000. While nothing has been announced, most NHL teams also have half season packages that are slightly more expensive per game but cheaper overall. So a half season might run around $1200. These numbers are loosely based off of San Jose’s ticket market, but could change if demand proves strong. In any case Seattle fans, time to start putting some money away if you’re looking to jump on the season ticket wagon. On a completely unrelated note, anyone ever set up a GoFundMe?