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It’s starting to feel very real

National coverage and returning stars will make Oct 5 special.

We’ve waited a long time for something tangible and I’m starting to believe October 5th may be the moment.

I’ve been worried that everybody involved may be too busy with the heavy lifting of starting construction and finalizing franchise acquisition to make this event what it could be. Also this game is a little more confusing than people think because while it is “the return of the NBA to Seattle” and “the final event of KeyArena” it is also a Warriors pre-season game, leading to questions of event ownership and appropriateness for substantial tribute programming. I am very thankful for Warriors CEO Rick Weltz who cares about our city enough to figure out those details and make this happen!

I can’t wait until October 5 and hope that we will find a way to involve longtime fans as well all the local businesses who will be impacted by construction.

This is an amazing opportunity to bring enthusiasm to the fan base and surrounding community. Make the most of it!

Meanwhile everybody should be paying close attention to the Tuesday’s with Tod broadcast on KJR. Lots of juicy details being put forward in these conversations. We’re hoping to start a weekly column of highlights for people to discuss.

Gary Payton and Kevin Durant are coming to town. Everybody get hydrated because it’s going to be a big party!