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Hey there Seattle!

My name is Tyler. I moved to Seattle from CA about 5 years ago. I’ve been a Sharks fan since I was a kiddo and like many of you I am anxiously awaiting the arrival our NHL team.

As the dog days of summer slowly roll by, I find myself digging pretty deep for hockey news of any kind, especially news that pertains to our boys in salmon. Now that we have officially hired a GM, I think we can begin to talk in earnest about our franchise and team.

I have yet to find a SB Nation blog that covers the Seattle NHL team so the Sonics Rising blog seems as good of a place as any to start. I plan on reaching out to bloggers on the other Pacific Division team sites to determine the steps and timelines involved in the creation of their respective blogs.

I’m also very curious to hear what folks might want to read about or discuss, so I am super open to any feedback, ideas or potential topics you all might have.

My goal is to post here at least once a week but also recognizing that we don’t have a terrible amount of pertinent Seattle NHL news quite yet and I would prefer not to resort to posting just for the sake of content.

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