A podcast about the Sonics' departure from Seattle


This was created this past fall but I only discovered this a few days ago: The Ringer created a podcast called "Sonic Boom" about the Sonics' sale and departure. They do give eventually give a nod to "Sonicsgate" and have a good set of interviewees including Brian Robinson. But I don't listen to podcasts and this is nine episodes that on the whole merely revisit history that we either know from living through it or that were covered in "Sonicsgate". That calls for spending a lot of time for not much new information. They do uncover a new name and story: a guy named Ed Evans who put together a group to buy the Sonics, initially without a strong notion of moving them. But he was hanging out with people such as Bennett, McClendon, etc. and eventually invited them to join his group. And they pulled him in their direction, although he soon left the ownership group after the sale. Most of the podcast is behind a paywall but there are transcripts on The Ringer website that can be read for free:

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