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Sonics Rising is on hiatus

NBA: Preseason-Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Sonics Fans. I’m here to let you know our plans for this great site.

When we first brought this site into the SB Nation network it seemed like the NBA was about to make its grand return to your great city. I was thrilled to work with Brian and Kevin to integrate this community into our larger network of sites covering the NBA and was excited to have the best Sonics site in the world as part of our family.

I don’t need to tell you how that played out and where things stand now.

Given the current situation and a few other factors outside our control, we’re going to put Sonics Rising in kind of suspended state. The site will remain online with all the great existing content still available and when the NBA finally does get ready to revive the Sonics franchise we’ll be here to restart things.

Sonics Rising has played such a vital role in your community documenting, organizing and commiserating about the various ups and downs over the past decade. This really is a special place and I can’t wait for the time when it rises up to cover the next iteration of NBA in Seattle.

Please let me know if you have any questions via email: sethpollack at sbnation dot com.