Steve Ballmer's Failed Attempt to Revive the Seattle Supersonics


Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer recently shared an intriguing tale about his desire to revive the Seattle Supersonics franchise and the obstacles he faced in making it happen. Ballmer revealed his ambitious plan on the "Podcast P with Paul George," shedding light on his efforts to bring an NBA team back to Seattle. In 2013, Ballmer had set his sights on purchasing the Sacramento Kings with the intention of relocating the team to Seattle. At the time, the Kings were owned by the Maloof brothers, who were willing to entertain Ballmer's bid. Ballmer explained, "There's a guy from Seattle who lives in San Francisco but wants a team back in Seattle. So we talked to the guys who at the time owned the Kings, the Maloof brothers, into selling the team, and we're going to move them to Seattle, and they accept our bid." NFR live stream

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