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If it's cold, on ice and involves vulcanized rubber I'm in! Along with some NHL stuff here I cover the Seattle Thunderbirds for 710 ESPN Seattle and do some NHL draft stuff for The Hockey Writers. Looking forward to the day when we have the Supes and the NHL here in our great city. In case you're worried about my Sonics cred, I was at Game 7 against Utah in the 1996 Conference Finals...I'm legit! :) Feel free to follow me on Twitter @andyeide

More Seattle NHL Expansion Smoke in the Air

The Seattle Times was at it again Wednesday, running a story about a group of Seattle business and political leaders heading up to Vancouver, B.C. Among the topics they are talking about up there? The NHL in Seattle.

Who is Jeremy Roenick and Why Should Seattle Care?

Former Chicago Blackhawks great Jeremy Roenick has been linked to the NHL in Seattle. What do we know about Roenick? Could he end up being the face of Seattle hockey, which might ultimately help bring the Supersonics back home?