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Dedicated to being the voice of grassroots hockey in the Pacific NW. Founded NHL Seattle and the Metropolitan Hockey Report weekly radio show.

Could Seattle host the NHL's Winter Classic?

Imagine this: The Metropolitan Classic, a January game held at Century Link Field between our new, beloved Seattle NHL franchise against the Vancouver Canucks in throw-back sweaters would be AMAZING!

Fighting discourages dirty play

If the NBA adopted rules to govern controlled fighting, you would see players quickly begin to police themselves....All violence is not the same. Sometimes fear of retribution is the best deterrent for those that need to be held accountable.

How Seattle became the Original Hockey Town USA.

The early success of the Seattle Metropolitans and their immortalization as a Stanley Cup winner has lead to Seattle’s designation as the "Original Hockey Town USA".

I’m going with the guy that prefers hockey

The Seattle Mayoral race has been widely publicized, but for those of us that reside outside the Seattle city limits, the candidates running for office are more obscure.

Hockey First

If the NHL sees Seattle not only as a viable market, but as a truly desirable market, shouldn’t we look to amend the terms of the MOU to allow hockey to come first?

Party on fans of green and gold

Seattle hockey fan still laments the loss of his hometown heroes. The Seattle Sonics and the Minnesota North Stars will be forever linked in infamy.