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WHL US Division: Spokane Chiefs Notebook: JAD on pace for 216 goals, Chiefs on pace for 72 wins*

*Haha not really.

This player doesn't even play for the Chiefs anymore but, hey, limited photos!
This player doesn't even play for the Chiefs anymore but, hey, limited photos!
Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

If first impressions are as important as we are told, then Chiefs rookie Jaret Anderson-Dolan has succeeded. The 16-year-old forward scored three goals in the Chiefs 6-4 win on opening night last Saturday against the Tri-City Americans.

Could the Chiefs have the Western Conference Rookie of the Year two years in a row?

Pump the brakes folks. It's one game.

But it's one game that went well for the Chiefs, who now embark on a six game road trip. They don't return to the Spokane Arena until Oct. 16 when Prince Albert comes to town.

Before then, the Chiefs at Kootenay, Tri-City, Victoria (twice), Portland and Everett (don't complain about the schedule - this is typical in junior hockey and the Chiefs will play five games in a row at home before their annual Eastern Conference road trip).

What should we expect in those games? Who knows! It's the first week of the season!

So stay tuned.

WHL features 1991 Memorial Cup team

The WHL is celebrating its 50th anniversary and this week it released a video featuring the 1967 Moose Jaw Canucks and the 1990-91 Spokane Chiefs. Both teams won the Memorial Cup.

Speaking of the 1990-91 Spokane Chiefs....

Video Vault

I'll try to share an old YouTube clip that has something to do with the Chiefs each week. First up to bat, this old PBS feature on the team:

I love how it says the Chiefs, "awkwardly make their way to the icy center stage below." I never realized they had to walk down stairs to get onto the ice in the old Boone Street Barn.

The Chiefs are playing the Portland Winterhawks ("Winter Hawks" in that era) and there's a young Tim Speltz. Any other team still have the same GM since 1990? I have no idea.