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The Most Interesting Man in the World

Chris Hansen, hands down.

Forget that Dos Equis guy! My belief is that Chris Hansen, our Sonics champion, is the most interesting man in the world. He seems to know how to do it all: high finance, great family, and he's on a tear to get us a team back.

Our hero's story is one of perseverance in the face of long odds. Navigating both the King County Council and Seattle City Council can be filled with landmines, but our hero did ably, ultimately getting 16 out of the 18 votes and the blessings of 2 mayors (incoming and outgoing) and the King County Executive. In a city that overwhelmingly passed I-91, this is no small feat.

You can tell he cares about his hometown by the way he arranged the MOU so that any money the city used would be paid back and the city would own the arena at the end. He pursued the Kings deal with passion, and he made the right moves at every turn. If the Commissioner didn't have his fingerprints all over the neck of this deal, forcing his hand with the NBA owners, we'd be watching the Sonics right now. When the NBA owners voted against the Hansen deal, it was the first time in human history that a group of people have voted AGAINST their own interests. You have to give Hansen credit for his incredible effort.

Most recently Hansen climbed Mt. Everest (OK, he humbly says he just went to Base Camp, but to me it's still incredibly badass!). He did it as part of a work team-building exercise. While he was up there, he was also supporting a fellow sports team, waving the 12th Man flag from the top of the world. He takes his love for Seattle sports all over the globe!

His love for his city, his love for the Sonics and their fans, his business successes, and his travel adventures make him the most interesting man in the world. Don't you agree?