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Remember the Dallas Game

Today is POTENTIALLY the last home game for Sacramento.

I remember clearly the national media frenzy and energy around our last home game against Dallas. The effort left me exhausted. Midway through the 4th quarter after hours of talking to people who I knew only through basketball I remember realizing very suddenly, "I would rather be with my family."

Without further consideration I turned around and left the building. I had really hit a point where I felt that whether there was another game or not was out of my control and I had done all that I could do. I was not there for the final chants and did not comisserate with the other fans afterwords. When I got home my kids asked me if I had saved the Sonics and I replied truthfully that I just did not know.

Regrouping in the months afterwords with no games was a strange thing. It was much easier when there was a home game every 6-8 days causing people to put on the green and gold. There was substantially more media attention when they all gathered regularly for game coverage.

Lets remember how the people in Sacramento are feeling today and be extra cautious about deriding their efforts or mocking the events down there. I know that we are all excited but we can express that with kinder language, avoiding sarcasm or by talking about the things Chris Hansen is accomplishing on our behalf.

I continue to hear reports that match Chris Daniels description of Hansen as "exhausted" from this effort. If he is successful we need to be there one more time to give him a lift and make his job easier this season. His unprecedented effort on our behalf deserves unprecedented franchise support.