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Stay Classy, Hawk Fans

As anyone who knows me knows, I'm a big supporter of the Seahawks. And when I say big, I mean big. I mean "wake up at around 4 in the morning" big to be at the Clink early for a taping of Q13 This Morning. Thanks to Q13 I was able to get the Sonics/Seahawks message to the Puget Sound populace as it was waking up for their Friday commute.

This season has been truly magical for me as a person who has followed the Seahawks for a long time. I remember the Dave Krieg soap dish passes. I remember when Steve Largent held a bunch of the receiving records. I remember when a meaningless game between two one-win teams late in the season would determine which team would pick first in the draft. The Patriots lost that game, and with the first pick in the draft selected Drew Bledsoe. The Hawks, with the second pick, chose Rick Mirer, and we all know how that worked out.

The one thing that's been amazing about this season is I've seen conditions that, as a Seahawks fan, I thought I'd never see. I've seen where you could hear them chant "SEA-HAWKS!" in an opponent's stadium. I've seen Seahawks fans take over the crowd on the road broadcasts of both Thursday and Monday Night Football. This is the type of heady air I thought was usually reserved for only Cowboys and Steelers fans.

We are arguably the best team in the league. This has been years in the making, but it seems some of the newer adopters of the 12th Man seem to think we've been this way the whole time. I think this leads to the attitude of a few of us being boorish with our behavior. Look, a good-natured ribbing is warranted and even expected, but we as Seahawks fans should agree to end the explicit behavior.

I've spoken to numerous friends of mine who support other teams such as the 49ers and Saints, and they regale me with stories of Facebook threads turning into war zones and jerky actions in the Clink after blowout wins. Stuff like this is beneath the decorum of any Seahawks fan. One of the true signs of a champion is acting like you've been there before.

The vast majority of our fans get it. This is just directed at the few people here and there who don't behave appropriately. Speaking to the majority, if you see Seahawks fans' behavior that is extremely vulgar or offensive, as my grandmother used to say, tell 'em to "Straighten up and fly right!" Horrible behavior from just a few fans can reflect badly on all of us. Let's stay classy, Seahawks fans, and act like we belong. GO HAWKS!