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SonicsGate on ESPN's Outside the Lines

Sonics fans repped by Jason Reid, John Clayton, a random Seahawks fan and ... um ... PJ Carlesimo?

Bring em back.
Bring em back.
Ronald Martinez

Here we are in the national spotlight again, due in large part to the sterling silver trophy the Seahawks just brought home.

This time the venue is ESPN's Outside the Lines and the messenger is SonicsGate dude, Jason Reid. Others in the video are John Clayton, a Seahawks fan they dragged way from the parade last week, and ... ugh ... P.J. Carlesimo, who sympathizes, but thinks Little Napoleon got a bad rap.

The discussion centers around what the Seahawks mean to Seattle and what this means to the potential return of the team. There is no news here. Only discussion, but discussion is a very good thing.

Let's keep the convo going.