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ESPN Chimes In

The City of Seattle and the NBA continue to be part of the national sports narrative.

Edited by Tiffany Villigan

We in the convo.
We in the convo.
Ronald Martinez

Have you noticed the pattern this week?

Thanks in large part to the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl victory and the fact that the Twelfth Man has gained national notoriety, the quest to return the Supersonics to the city is now back in the national narrative and we continue to document it here at Sonics Rising.

First, there was the report from Fox Sports Ohio that Adam Silver intends to make Seattle one of his top priorities. You can read Taylor Bartle's piece about it here. Then David Aldridge made a plea for the NBA's return in his column at; Chris Meirose talked about that one. Next up was CNBC interviewing Wally Walker about our situation. Taylor documented that conversation as well.

We even had Jeff Van Gundy's epic rant on our behalf during his color commentary for a Thunder game.

Now ESPN is chiming in with an Insider article on the same topic. By definition, you need an ESPN Insider account to read the full article, but here is a passage:

However, it's hard to overlook that the Seahawks' Super Bowl victory happened to come in the same week Stern stepped down and Adam Silver started his tenure as the NBA's new commissioner. This isn't lost on Seattle, where many hope that the new commissioner may open doors the previous one closed, such as expansion.

I encourage you to go read that article. Don't get me wrong: there is no hard news in the piece and it is mostly just speculation, but that's not the point. The point is that we are back in the conversation and that is always a good thing.

Little Napoleon is sitting on a beach somewhere forcing everyone to wear darker sunglasses than usual and Adam Silver is unpacking boxes in his new office. Let's hope the national narrative continues to pick up steam and that Silver has some really positive things to say in his speech on February 15.

Let's stay in the conversation, people.

Our friend Kevin Pelton and company jumped in with this yesterday.