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Deadline Day: Open Thread

The clock is ticking down on trade deadline day and we're here to help you track all the trades.

Spencer Hawes is headed to Cleveland, one of the many trades today.
Spencer Hawes is headed to Cleveland, one of the many trades today.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We're less than two hours away from the NBA trade deadline with the door closing at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Here's what has happened so far:

Kings send Marcus Thornton to the Nets

Brooklyn Nets get: Marcus Thornton

Sacramento Kings get: Reggie Evans and Jason Terry

Thoughts: The Kings shed another bad apple from the Maloof era and flip him into a pair of veterans. Jason Terry can still shoot it and former Sonic Reggie Evans is still solid at cleaning the boards. Any time struggling veterans are traded to a lottery team though, there is a question of whether they will play a lot or not. The pair wasn't playing much in Brooklyn, will they see relevant playing time under Malone?

Steve Blake lands in Golden State

Golden State Warriors get: Steve Blake

Los Angeles Lakers get: Kent Bazemore and Marshon Brooks

Thoughts: The Warriors open a roster spot and get a good backup point guard in Steve Blake. Blake can do this year for the Dubs what Jarrett Jack did last year by running the point and allowing Stephen Curry to play off the ball. For the Lakers? MORE WING PLAYERS!

Cavaliers acquire Spencer Hawes

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Spencer Hawes

Philadelphia 76ers get: Two second round picks, Earl Clark and Henry Sims

Thoughts: The Cavaliers get a legit center and can now move guys like Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson into a more comfortable position, power forward. Still, Hawes is a free agent this summer, so the Cavs will only have him for 28 games unless they make they playoffs and/or convince him to stay. The 76ers gather more assets and add more fuel to the tank.

Heat shed Roger Mason Jr.

Miami Heat get: A protected second round pick, and tax relief

Sacramento Kings get: Roger Mason Jr. and cash

Thoughts: Reports say that the Kings will waive RM Jr. when he arrives, so really no news here. Just an exchange of money and assets.

Three team deal sends the Professor to Washington

Washington Wizards get: Andre Miller

Denver Nuggets get: Jan Vesely

Philadelphia 76ers get: Eric Maynor and two second round picks

Thoughts: The Wizards get a solid backup for John Wall, who is in the top 10 of minutes played this season, by acquiring Professor Andre Miller, who gets a much needed change of scenery. The Wizards also free up money and a roster spot with the deal. The 76ers now have NINE second round picks and Jan Vesely is reunited with, yes... JAVALE MCGEE!

Neal and Sessions swapped in a Bobcats-Bucks trade

Charlotte Bobcats get: Gary Neal, Luke Ridnour

Milwaukee Bucks get: Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien

Thoughts: Gary Neal wasn't happy in Milwaukee and gets a change of scenery with a trip to Charlotte where he'll join a rotation with Ben Gordon, Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker. He and Ridnour should see good minutes as backups to those guys. For Sessions and Adrien... sorry, guys.

Knicks and Nuggets make a deal

Denver Nuggest get: Aaron Brooks

Houston Rockets get: Jordan Hamilton

Thoughts: This deal satisfies needs for both sides. The Rockets wanted an athletic wing and the Nuggets needed help at point guard behind Ty Lawson. Mission accomplished.

More News and Rumors:

On D-League player Pierre Jackson:

Looks like a Jarrett Jack - Jason Thompson deal has one foot in the grave:

Well, looks like Cleveland is just stuck with Jack... BARTENDER!

Feel free to use the comment section as your open thread for all trade deadline news and thoughts. Check back and refresh frequently for updates.